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Coogli Premium

    By purchasing Coogli Premium, you will benefit from the following features :

    • 2 adult profile creations + 1 linked nanny profile.
    • 2 baby profiles.

    For the pregnancy monitoring part :
    • Pregnancy follow-up week after week.
    • Help in choosing the first name with the Matchy Name.
    • Weight curve follow-up.
    • Agenda with addition of appointments.
    • Taking shared notes for maternity list for example.
    • Monitoring of contractions with personalized alert.
    • Waist curve tracking.
    • Events and anecdotes section.

    For the baby monitoring part :
    • Monitoring of food, hygiene, sleep.
    • Weight curve follow-up.
    • Agenda with addition of appointments.
    • Shared note taking for a shopping list or the size of baby clothes, for example.
    • Events and anecdotes sections.
    • Headings followed by size.
    • Activities headings.
    • Follow-up of the teeth coming out
    • Export of reports in PDF file.
    • Nanny profile with access to food monitoring, hygiene, activities and sleep sections.
    • Possibility to enter the hours and day of work with export in PDF file to facilitate invoicing.