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of the application Coogli

Find here all the answers to your questions regarding the use of the Coogli application.

I do not want to have advertising on the application, where can I subscribe to a formula?

Directly from the Android and Apple stores or from the “Pricing” section on the application. Your formula is strictly nominative.

Is it possible to add multiple babies to the same parent account ?

Yes, you can register up to two babies per adult account. If you already have a baby account and have subsequently had twins or triplets or more, contact us so that we can offer you a solution.

Is it possible to have more than one on the application ?

Yes, you can synchronize your account with that of your spouse and a third party.

Do both parents' accounts sync automatically ?

Yes, all you have to do is add a user account to the baby from his profile card: he will receive an invitation by email.

Is our information secure ?

Yes, Coogli never resells and will never resell your data.

I forgot my password, how can I recover it ?

When you log in, if you have lost your password, simply click on “forgot password”, we will send you a new one.

Is the app compatible with Android ?

The Coogli application is Android and Apple compatible.

Is the app compatible with Apple ?

The Coogli application is Android and Apple compatible.

How to switch from the Coogli Free subscription to Coogli Premium ?

Tout simplement sur la page formules de l’application ou directement depuis les stores Android et Apple.

How can I delete my user account ?

Go to the “My account” tab and at the very bottom of the section, delete my account. Please note that this action is irreversible and permanently deletes all data entered in the application.

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