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on Coogli and parenthood

Find here all the articles relating to the design of the Coogli application,
and more generally on the life of young parents after the arrival of their child.

Parental leave in Canada : 12 months to welcome her baby   Dominique tells us about her experience of a year of

baby and young parents the blog for future and young parents   This is the 360 ​​degree blog for all parents: blog, classifieds and forum,

Nourriture saine, healthy food, post-partum, naturo, naturopathie, depression, accouchement, naissance, bébé, femme, postpartum

Living well postpartum thanks to naturopathy   Nathalie Habot has a very valuable role with women since she is a naturopath and

babies and pets

Babies and pets : finding their place   When the child appears … the animal disappears ! This adage has the merit

maisons de naissance, birth centers, delivery, accouchement, bébé, baby, pregnant

Give birth to your baby as naturally as possible : birth houses   “Birth centers”: this is a “baby” subject still shrouded

recipes food baby jar

Baby food jar recipe ideas   “Clic_recipes of baby food jars_enter display expand”. Here is an internet search that you may already

pleurs bébé que faire, bébé pleure, pleurs, baby, baby cry, crying, baby's crying

Baby crying : what to do ?   11:05 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Then 3:17. At 7 o’clock, your features are drawn, your

jumeaux, twins, bébé jumeaux, enceinte jumeaux

Testimony of Lou, mother of twins Twinning fascinates, intrigues, sometimes makes people want or even fear. What if we asked a mother

doulas, doula, femme enceinte, accompagnement femme enceinte, pregnancy, pregant, woman, the doula

The doula : an alternative remedy to prepare for birth   Gynecologist, anesthesiologist, obstetrician, then pediatrician: they are the interlocutors of most

Massages bébé, Yoga bébé, infirmiere puericultrice, massage, yoga, baby yoga

Interview with Bérangère child care nurse trained in baby massage and baby yoga   Could you introduce yourself? My name is Bérangère

haptonomie, Haptonomy, bébé, parents papa maman

Haptonomy, an approach to develop a real exchange with your baby in the womb   Do you know haptonomy ? This practice,

enceinte confinement, covid 19, maman covid, devenir maman en temps de covid, enceinte, parent covid, confinement bébé, bébé

Testimony   Become a mom in time pandemic Covid 19 Céline is 34 years old, she has been the mother of a

signer avec son bébé, signe bébé, bébé signe, sign with your baby

Learn to sign with your baby   Signing with your baby allows you to use gestures to illustrate common words such as

jeune papa, dad, daddy, young daddy, jeune père, devenir père, father, young father

Testimony   Rafael became a dad at 23 Rafael was 23 when he became a dad. Carefree, he munched on life without

sexuality, couple, sexualité, grossesse, enceinte, femme, bébé, enfant, sexe

3 tips for better living your sexuality after the arrival of a baby   Discover our tips to better manage the changes

Application mobile jeunes parents, startup week-end annecy, Coogli

Coogli, winner of the Annecy Startup Week-end 2020 session   This weekend we took part in the Startup Weekend Annecy and we

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