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Fertility Yoga, a practice to
support you in your baby project

Fertility yoga would increase your chances of pregnancy if you want to get pregnant.
Meeting with Emilie Valentin who is a yoga teacher and in particular fertility yoga.

Can you explain to us what is Fertility Yoga ?

Fertility yoga combines various yoga postures, meditations, chanting, positive affirmations. It will calm the nervous system, support the endocrine and reproductive system. It is excellent for all women and their hormonal health and even more so when planning a baby.

In the first half of the cycle until ovulation, the poses focus on stimulating the ovaries and also improve blood flow to the uterus. In the second part of the cycle post ovulation, the poses are more gentle to support implantation.

There have been several studies that reveal the effectiveness of Yoga for fertility ?

Yes, absolutely, the best known being that of the American Doctor Alice Domar which she carried out in collaboration with Harvard University. Alice Domar established in 2010 the crucial link between stress and infertility. Following this, she will demonstrate the benefit of yoga on fertility with women undergoing IVF. The study will then reveal that the regular practice of fertility yoga would increase the chances of pregnancy by 32%.

How does stress have a concrete impact on fertility ?

In our active lives, we are often faced with regular stress (work, noise, schedules…). Sometimes we are not even aware of it but we can be in a state of chronic stress. These stressful circumstances will then cause a change in hormonal messages which can then pause and thus reduce digestive functions and ovarian activity. To simplify, the message that the brain receives is: “first survive and then reproduce”.

With yoga, we will support the nervous system to be able to better manage stress and thus be able to better regulate reproduction and digestion.

It is said that breathing is fundamental in yoga, can you tell us more ?

We all too often forget that breathing is one of the keys to energy, health and fertility. The more deeply and conscientiously we breathe, the more we will put our body into parasympathetic mode. Thus the blood flow will be able to bring nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and will be able to ensure good blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Very often, I have students who breathe “upside down” by inhaling by pulling the belly inwards which decreases the breathing instead of amplifying it.

Are you also talking about reconnecting to his body ?​

Yes, we don’t talk about it enough, if at all, but we must not forget that people who live expecting a baby are very, very difficult. They feel terribly alone in this path, it is also trying for a couple.

Sometimes women are on a medical journey and completely disconnected from their bodies, from their emotions, because everything they experience physically and emotionally is very heavy.

In a fertility yoga class, of course, we cannot guarantee that the person is getting pregnant, but what is certain is that we will come for an hour and a half to take care of ourselves. We will work on letting go and connecting to your body.

Just the fact of breathing consciously in the lower abdomen, putting your hands on an area of ​​the body that needs it already brings a lot of appeasement.

I also really like to combine dance and also other holistic practices.

What other advice can you give alongside fertility yoga ?

The hygiene of life, food is the basis of everything.

Supporting the body, providing it with the necessary nutrients is essential. Moreover, Alice Domar’s study combines the association of yoga with an anti-inflammatory diet. Duration and regularity are important concepts, especially to support fertility. If we take for example the maturation of gametes, it takes about 3 months so it will take at least 3 months to act on their quality. Also, be very careful about endocrine disruptors.

Endocrine disruptors are chemical substances present in various forms which will suspend the proper functioning of hormones and which can have an impact on hormonal disorders, fertility and the growth of the embryo during pregnancy.

yoga, fertility, fertilité, yoga de la fertilité, yoga fertility

Does Fertility Yoga also help men ?​

Absolutely, it will help balance the hormonal system, reduce stress, increase blood circulation in the pelvis, genitals…

It should also be remembered that there is a lot of emphasis on women, while male infertility also affects xx% of men. I also regret that it is not more democratized.

Moreover, our new “Holy fertility” project that we are carrying out in collaboration with my partner Nathalie Habot, a naturopath specializing in fertility, is also aimed at men.

We help women and men support their fertility with naturopathy, nutrition, yoga and other holistic practices.

Article written by Emilie Braymand.

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