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Choosing a baby name in 2024 : Coogli helps you

Are you looking for a baby name idea for your future little one?

Choosing your baby’s name is one of the first adventures on your parenting journey, a quest filled with excitement and contemplation. It’s a decision that will accompany your child throughout their life, so why not choose a name that resonates with love and significance for you?

Picture yourself softly whispering this sweet name to your sleeping baby or joyfully calling it out as your little one takes their first steps. This name will be a part of their identity, a distinctive trait that will forever connect them to you and your family.

Perhaps you already have a list of names you like, or maybe you’re exploring new options every day. Whatever your approach, let your heart and intuition guide you. Whether it’s a traditional name passed down through generations or a unique creation, trust your parental instincts.

Coogli has come up with a playful solution to help you find one or more name ideas, whether alone or with your partner. With over 11,600 names listed, you should find what you’re looking for! We’ll explain everything in this article.

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A fun and practical tool to find baby name ideas

Coogli is a participatory mobile application for pregnancy monitoring and baby monitoring. Why participatory? Because you can link your account to that of the second parent, and the nanny if necessary !

So, in the pregnancy monitoring section, you can access a functionality that we have called the “Matchy Name”. The principle is simple: you select the type of first name you are looking for, the number of letters of the first names, the origin, and you launch the matchy name.

Coogli then offers you a stack of cards with first names according to the filters you have selected: it’s very simple, if you like the first name, you swipe to the right, if you don’t like it, you swipe to LEFT.

The first names that you liked will be listed in your personal list, and if you have linked your account with that of your partner and they liked one of the choices of your first names,then there is a match ! Common first names will be entered in a common list.

How to play matchy name to find an idea for a name for your baby ?

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Step 1: Download Coogli – Baby Tracker on Android and Apple stores.

Step 2 : Create an account for pregnancy monitoring “baby is not here yet”.

Step 3 : Link your account to that of your partner if you wish by going to your account > “Associated user account”.

Step 4 : In the navigation menu, press + and go to Matchy Name.

Step 5 : Select your search filters, then swipe, match!

Also, don’t forget to consider the sound of the first name, how it fits with your last name, and its meaning. Some people choose names based on family values ​​or personality traits they hope to see in their child.

Ultimately, no matter what name you choose, remember that it will be worn with love and affection. So take your time, discuss it with your partner, make lists, and above all, enjoy this special moment when you are preparing the arrival of your little treasure.

Coogli is available on both Android and Apple app stores. To download it, click on the buttons below:

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Article written by Fanny Koch.

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