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Bottles, breastfeeding... Track your baby's milk consumption with the Coogli app !

Tracking a baby’s feeding, whether through bottles or breastfeeding, can be challenging for young parents. Between the frequency of meals, the amounts consumed, and the schedules to adhere to, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is where the Coogli mobile app comes in, offering a practical solution to record and monitor your baby’s milk consumption, whether through bottle-feeding or breastfeeding.

bottles, milk, baby, app, coogli, breastfeeding
bottles, milk, baby, app, coogli, breastfeeding

Bottles : simplified management

The Coogli app allows both parents to easily log bottle feedings, whether it’s formula or breast milk. Each bottle given can be recorded by indicating the amount of milk consumed and the time of feeding.

All this data is then compiled into a tracking graph, accessible from the app’s dashboard. This graph allows you to visualize daily milk consumption, providing a clear and precise overview.

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Breastfeeding tracking : details and precision

For breastfeeding parents, Coogli also offers detailed tracking of nursing sessions. The app allows you to record the time of each feeding, the duration of the nursing session, and which breast was used (left or right). These details are crucial for monitoring your baby’s feeding patterns and can help identify specific needs or patterns.

You have two options: either start a timer during the nursing session or enter the breastfeeding duration manually.

application, suivi de bébé, biberon, tétée, allaitement, courbe, coogli, bébé
bottles, milk, baby, app, coogli, breastfeeding

Intuitive dashboard

All information related to your baby’s feeding can be found directly on the Coogli dashboard upon opening the application. This intuitive interface is designed to save time and facilitate access to the most recent data. Graphs and tables enable quick and effective visualization of your baby’s feeding habits.

Shared data entry

One of the most appreciated features of Coogli is the ability for both parents to enter data. Each parent can record relevant information within the application. This allows for consistent and up-to-date tracking, regardless of who is taking care of the baby’s meal at any given time.

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Why is Coogli an essential tool for parents ?

Coogli stands out for its ease of use and its ability to centralize all information related to baby’s feeding. By systematically recording each bottle and breastfeeding session, parents can better understand and manage their child’s nutritional needs. Moreover, shared access to the data enables effective collaboration between both parents, enhancing communication and coordination.

The Coogli app is an indispensable tool for modern parents. It simplifies tracking of baby feeding by providing a centralized and user-friendly platform. Whether you use bottles or breastfeed, Coogli helps you closely monitor your baby’s milk consumption, analyze data, and adjust feeding routines accordingly. With its intuitive dashboard and the capability for both parents to input data, Coogli transforms feeding tracking into a straightforward and collaborative task.

Coogli is available on both Android and Apple stores. To download, click the buttons below :

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Article written by Fanny Koch.

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