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Bebeetplus.fr the blog for future and young parents

This is the 360 ​​degree blog for all parents: blog, classifieds and forum, it is the triptych of the bebeetplus.fr blog, to bring mums and dads together in the world of babies.

The Bébéetplus.fr website aims above all to be local and to meet the expectations of future and young parents:

  • The blog part is intended to be informative and to provide good advice. The goal is to give tips and information that can help mothers in their daily lives. For example, what to choose as an awakening mat? Or, is perineal rehabilitation important? So many things are encountered in everyday life and which can echo the questions that young mothers ask themselves.


  • The classifieds: this is the ideal place to sell, exchange or give away your baby things. If you no longer use, for example, a bottle warmer, or a cot, you can place your ad. You will have the choice, either to sell it, to give it away or to make an exchange with a family.


  • The Forum: this is the place to discuss and discuss topics concerning both pregnancy and postpartum. The forum is there to bring parents together and bring them together. It allows you to discuss life issues that some parents are going through and which can find a solution thanks to the experiences and opinions of other families.

The blog is currently forging partnerships with professionals in the world of babies: childcare assistants, childcare workers, digital partners, etc. in order to be able to provide as much constructive information as possible.

How to move around on the bebeetplus.fr blog ?

The blog works like any other, except that you can register to access the classifieds.

Registration is free for 15 days, then your ad will disappear, as well as your subscription. You can, however, opt for the paid version, for the sum of €10, which will give you unlimited access for 1 year.

With your registration, you will be able to place and consult the advertisements. This is the only part of the blog that is restrictive. For the rest, access to the articles and to the forum are free. Just for the forum, you will need to create a username and password.

You can contact via the contact form, the entire bebeetplus.fr team, to ask your questions or request information.

Also, the blog gives pride of place to parents, mothers and fathers who wish to write an article on the blog. All you have to do is send your Word file to the form. After reading, the team will choose whether or not it is relevant for parents. You can speak:

  • A trip with your baby and giving tips that may, why not, be useful.
  • baby recipes.
  • Talk about childcare.

Everything is possible. The blog is intended to be close and trustworthy. Young parents can participate in their own way.

Why subscribe to the bebeetplus.fr blog ?

The bebeetplus blog or site is free, except for posting and reading ads, why:

  • To limit announcements other than the world of babies and which may pollute the site
  • So that young parents and future parents clearly understand the meaning of the announcements section. It is forbidden to place announcements of babysitters, for example.
  • For parents to take ownership of their spaces.
  • To leave 15 days free only and if they wish to keep the blog alive by being a subscriber for the year for 10€.
  • The annual subscription is unlimited to deposit, sell, exchange goods and childcare items.
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For more information do not hesitate to visit bebeetplus.fr.

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