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Baby food jar recipe ideas

“Clic_recipes of baby food jars_enter display expand”. Here is an internet search that you may already be familiar with if you have made the choice to feed your baby yourself. The jars are an essential step between the liquid food of the infant, and the solid and varied food of the child.

Do it yourself : waste of time for some, but pride for others. If you can and want to take the time, the benefits of homemade baby food jars are legion: lower cost, custom portions, fresh food and no preservatives.

Beyond the practicality, there is something archaic, ancestral (and deeply uplifting!) About feeding your little one. The challenge is to combine the animal side with scientific knowledge in pediatrics and nutrition …

In this article, we offer you some recipe suggestions for small jars according to three main periods : the age of discovery, then the beginning of diversification, and finally the path to a meal “like the grown-ups”. To adapt, savor, revisit… Enjoy your meal !

6 - 9 months : the age of discovery

WHO now recommends exclusive breastfeeding, whenever possible, for up to six months of age. Maternity leave rarely exceeds three months in France, a dilemma that can be painful quickly becomes obvious to young mothers. Sometimes, breastfeeding is interrupted for different reasons. Either way, cooking your baby’s first bites yourself can be as comforting as it is exciting!

At this age, the staple food is carrots. It is cooked steamed with mineral water, mashed very smooth, without adding starch at first. At the very beginning, the baby eats only a few spoons: do not cook too large quantities, or freeze small portions with an ice cube tray.

Little by little, incorporate other vegetables and then introduce your baby to sweet things (preferably after vegetables) with delicious homemade compotes.

SALTED RECIPE: Parsnip puree
It’s a hit with babies, because of the delicate and slightly sweet taste of this little-known vegetable. Cut into cubes 200 g of parsnip, 200 g of carrots, 50 g of potatoes, cook them 10 minutes in a casserole, or 20 minutes in a steamer. Mix well. It’s ready !
bébé, baby, mange, eating, recette pot bébé, petits pots pour bébé

SWEET RECIPE: Pear-banana compote
an extremely simple recipe that changes the apple. Babies generally love bananas. In addition, good to know: this is a recognized antidiarrhoeal. Cook the pear quarters for 5 minutes in a casserole, 10 minutes in a steamer. Add the banana cut into sections, mix without the cooking water and refrigerate for two hours. Success guaranteed!

9 - 12 months : towards baby food diversification

It is a pivotal period when we change the content and the form :

upheaval of tastes and textures! This is the age when you usually go from very smooth puree to simple mouliné, then to small pieces. It is also the age when cereals, meats, fish and eggs appear on baby’s plate.

Considering the omega 3 needs during this period of intense physical and mental growth, consider adding a spoon (yes, you read that right!) Of oil or a small knob of butter to each meal.

SALTED RECIPE : Lamb-courgette delight :
a complete dish with Mediterranean accents. Steam half a zucchini cut into small cubes for 10 minutes. Cook 10 more minutes, adding 30 grams of lamb chop heart. Add the sprigs of a small sprig of thyme, mix. You can replace the thyme with flat leaf parsley, and add a potato to thicken it up if baby is a big eater !
SWEET RECIPE : My baby crumble :
both soft and crunchy. Peel and cut into small pieces 4 cooking apples (Boskoop or Golden). Steam them for 10 minutes, then mix them by measuring the cooking juice according to the desired texture. Crumble three small butters on the compote. Tip: if baby is bigger, crumble coarser pieces, and mix the compote with real pieces of cooked apple to vary the textures.

From 12 months : soon a meal “like the grown-ups”!

We are (already !) In baby’s second year: teeth have appeared, baby eats (or thinks he can eat) all alone at the family table. The art is to vary your discoveries while adapting the menu to your age. Avoid salting your dishes. On the other hand, get started without complex in spices and aromatics.

Short on time ? Think about the virtues of “batch cooking”: prepare small portions at weekends (the ice cube tray is your ally) of separate foods (vegetables, starches, fruits, meats, etc.). During the week, at mealtime, all you have to do is combine them as you wish!

SALTED RECIPE: Revisited carbonara pasta for babies :
if you are italian, don’t read on! The idea here is to adapt this family bestseller of carbonara pasta, but avoiding cold meats (replacement of bacon by ham), raw egg (binder replaced by cottage cheese) and swapping the onion with a fairly pronounced taste for its cousin the leek, also from the Alliaceae family but with a much milder taste. For the dosage of ingredients: 20g of spaghetti, 120g of leek whites, 20g of diced ham, 50g of cottage cheese, half a spoon of grated Parmesan.

SWEET RECIPE : Pink and red sorbet for babies :
tasty, fun and… decongestant in case of teething. Mix together the 150 g pieces of strawberries and 100 g of raspberries, 2 tablespoons of icing sugar, an egg white, the juice of half a lemon and 6 small Swiss. Mix until you obtain a very homogeneous purée. Put in a mold and keep 24 hours in the freezer. Tip: place a stick in it before freezing to perfect the playful “ice cream” effect. Add sprigs of mint for an even fresher taste!

We hope that these six recipes and these few tips will make you want to try the adventure of homemade baby food! …
And you, what’s your favorite baby recipe?

Text written by Lucile Gobet-Desjardins. Find more articles on our blog.

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