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How to travel with a baby : 10 practical tips

to help parents prepare their baby for a trip by plane, car or train.

Traveling with a baby can seem like a difficult task for parents, especially if it is the first time. However, with good preparation, it can be a pleasant experience for the whole family. In this article, we will share practical tips to help parents prepare their baby for a trip by plane, car or train.

Plan your trip in advance :

Before going on a trip with your baby, it is important to plan in advance. Book your tickets in advance and make sure to choose seats that suit your baby, such as a seat near a window or in a quiet section. If you are travelling by plane, check the airline’s policies on luggage and baby food. If you are traveling by car, make sure you have enough space for luggage and baby equipment, such as a car seat and stroller.

Famille, parents, voyages, bébé, family, trip, baby

Prepare the necessary documents :

Make sure you have all the necessary documents to travel with your baby. This may include a passport, identity card, birth certificate, parental authorization for travel abroad and a health card.

Prepare a baby first aid kit :

It is important to have a baby first aid kit when you travel. The kit should include medicines for fever and pain, baby wipes, diapers, bibs and tissues. If your baby has allergies or specific medical needs, don’t forget to bring the necessary medication.

Plan enough baby food :

If your baby is breastfed, make sure you have enough breast milk or prepare powdered milk before departure. If your baby eats solid food, bring enough snacks and meals for the duration of the trip. If you travel by plane, remember that you can take baby food in your hand luggage.

Dress your baby comfortably :

It is important to choose comfortable clothes for your baby when traveling. Avoid clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable. Babies can be sensitive to temperature changes, so make sure you have warm clothes and blankets for plane flights or train trips.

Bring toys and baby books :

Babies can quickly get bored on long trips. Bring toys, books and games to entertain your baby during the trip. Toys that make noise can be useful to distract your baby when he cries or becomes restless.

Be ready for diaper changes :

Make sure you have enough diapers and baby wipes during the trip. If you travel by plane, you can take diapers and wipes in your hand luggage. If you are traveling by car or train, plan regular stops to change your baby’s diaper.

Be prepared for altitude changes :

Babies may experience ear pain during altitude changes on the plane or train. To help prevent this, give your baby a lollipop or bottle during take-off and landing. This will relieve the pressure in your baby’s ears. If your baby is sick, consult your doctor before leaving to find out if medication is necessary.

Provide additional equipment :

Whether you are traveling by plane, car or train, make sure you have enough space for essential baby items such as a car seat, a travel bed, a baby carrier or a light stroller. Also be sure to bring toys and books to entertain your baby during the trip.

Be prepared for the unexpected :

Even with careful planning, unforeseen events can occur during a trip with a baby. Make sure you have a backup plan in place for emergency situations, such as lost luggage, flight delays or plan changes.

Traveling with a baby may seem complicated, but with good preparation this experience will certainly be pleasant for the whole family. By planning in advance, preparing the necessary accessories and being ready for the unexpected, you can ensure that your baby will be comfortable and safe during the trip. Coogli wishes you a nice holiday with your baby !

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Article written by Fanny Koch.

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